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Read more about Team Xbot's relationship with Alex, who had his wish granted by Make-A-Wish!

Help Send Team Xbot to the World Championship in St. Louis!!


Team xbot is a robotics competition team with the For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST visit www.usfirst.org) organization. Students are recruited from Franklin High School Seattle, WA and the Seattle's inner city south end public high schools. Students work together with professional engineers to design, build, and program a 120 pound 5 feet competition robot in six short weeks. The 3D animation team creates a safety animation entry and a regional entry based on the animation award theme. Many of our students come from homes where little to no English is spoken, making communication with parents about team activities and accomplishments challenging. The team works diligently within these diverse communities to share its mission and demonstrate its success with business and community leaders. The team is also committed to encouraging an appreciation for the unique diversity of its members. The team annually participates in parades and traditional festivals throughout Seattle, demonstrating to children in all these communities what potential they have to make positive changes for themselves, their families and the world around them.

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