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2012 FRC Team #488's Robot

8 wheel drive train with center 4 wheels dropped by an 1/8'' for maneuverability powered by 4 CIM motors through AM Super Shifters, HDPE skids to traverse barrier, pneumatic brakes to aid in bridge balancing.
Drop down intake system lowered by 2, 1.5'' bore pistons to lower bridge, urethane covered roller driven by 1 RS-775-18 motor through CIM-U-Lator gearbox driven through urethane belting.
Elevator system powered by a .5'' bore 12'' stroke piston to load catapult.
Catapult powered by 2, 2'' bore 5'' stroke pistons with simple linkage, capable of making shots from fender to 25' away reliably.

Uses 5 solenoids and a servo-driven ball valve to control amount of and pressure of air sent to firing pistons


2011 FRC Team #488

Octocanum Drive that couples mecanum wheels with pneumatically lowered traction wheels for enhanced maneuverability without sacrificing pushing power.

Field-oriented drive while on mecanum wheels, tank drive while on traction wheels. Seamless transition between them.

Neutrally bouyant four-bar linkage coupled to a RS550 motor at 570:1.

"Whisker" tube manipulator releases tubes onto pegs from above, eliminating interference while scoring. It can load easily from human player or from the floor.

Three non-powered omniwheels with encoders.

LED-based human player signaling system

Camera assisted scoring


Basic autonomous mode test

Driver hopeful test


2010 FRC Team #488 "X"

Mentors Pat and Chris help Tyler remove parts from the robot to save weight at the joint pr actice field.


Kicker tensioning with ACME screw springs

Gimble rollers and vacuum ball handling

Autonomous target d istance/positioning and kicking strength



2009 FRC Team #488 "X9"

4WD with 1 CIM ,motor per side, geared at about 8:1. Traction control on demand for straight line acceleration.

Covenyor features front and rear, independently driven urethane belted mechanisms, each powered by a Fisher Price motor geared at about 39:1. We can load empty cells from the floor and store them in the conveyor and return empty cell to our payload specialist.

Hopper capacity is 20+ balls and can unload in 2- 2.5 seconds. The hopper is itself a fabric 'bag' that is rolled up on a drum to raise it's floor to the top of the roboti. It is powered by 2 CIM motors.


2008 FRC Team #488 "Ocho"


Achieves all game functions: hurdles, herd, remove from overpass, place on overpass

Drive System: 6 wheel drive; 4" center traction wheels; custom 4" omni wheels on each corner for fantastic maneuverability; 3 speed shift on the fly Dwait XRP transmissions; 12 ft/sec top speed

Inclinator: inclined at 15 degrees to move trackball mass above robot as height increases; 74" of travel;  PID based position control; electronically controlled braking slows descent; redundant cabling increases reliability



2007 FRC Team #488 "X7"


11 square feet of platform space per lift accepting robots of any orientation

Springs acutate a four bar linkage to lift the robots 14" upward; four bars help keep robots parallel to the ground and is statically stable, helping to overcome the tremedous torque exerted by a 150 lb. robot. Four bars also helps react against the floor rather than against the robot, so we can lift witout tipping.

Because the lifts are completely self-sustaining, they are easily removable. Hitch pins act as pivots when the lifts fall to the ground and allow us to remove the whole mechanisms from the robot in a matter of seconds. This design feature is necessary because its not practical or safe to move the robot around the field after a match. The robot is able to score 60 bonus points at the end of every match.



2006 FRC Team #488 "heX"


Collected and stored up to 40 balls from the arena floor

Dumped them into corner goals in large quantities, offsetting scoring advantage of shooting

First implementation of trademark drivetrain that incorporates four omni wheels for precise, rapid control on the field.


Other FRC Team #488 Robots


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