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2011 Syzygy #3231

8 wheel drive train powered by 4 motors on a 1:1.5 gear ratio. Center 4 wheels dropped by an 1/8'' for maneuverability, capable of easily traversing all areas of the field.
Triangular lifter powered by 1 motor on a 9:1 gear ratio capable of lifting and storing rolling goals, as well as lowering bridges.
3 point rotation arm powered by 2 motors on a 3:1 gear ratio as well as 2 servos, to score batons in goals.
Intake system powered by 1 Lego Mindstorms motor actuated by 2 servos.
WA state winning alliance and Inspire award winner. World competition Franklin division semi-finalist and 7th seed.

2010 FTC #2939 CHUM

Our robot’s golden power is our 4 bar linkage. It is composed of 4 tetrix channels that moves up and down and can collect batons from the dispensers. We also have our chassis built in a concave shape so that we can go over the bump. Finally, we can dispense batons to the side into the rolling goals!

2010 FTC #3231 Syzygy

Autonomous Mode: Score 5 Batons in the stationary goal and then cross go to the dispensing side of the field via the cliff/mountain

Chassis Overview: Tank Drive; 8 wheel drive; front 2 and back 2 wheels raised by an 1/8’’ for maneuverability; 4 motors devoted to drive

Lifter: 6:1 ratio lifts rolling goals allowing robot to maintain maneuverability required to balance; due to triangular shape of lifter roling goals can be quickly located and lifted.

2010 FTC #4041 Single Ladies

Chassis: 6-wheel chassis with two motors driven by gears, rear omni wheels, rolling goal lifter on front


Autonomous Mode: Travel to other side of field via the bridge

We take full advantage of maximum points by balancing on the bridge

2009 FTC #2939 Glitch

Students Lani, Kyle, Derek and Wo work on Glitch.


Has a covenyor that spans the front of the robot

Hoppers can hold 20 balls

Fast and maneuverable with a 1 to 1 gearing to the wheels and omni wheels on front

Very reliable



2009 FTC #3231 Syzygy

Tyler, Denny and Aakash work on Syzygy in the lab.


Autonomous Mode: ball release and deliver the maximum 8 balls into center high goal.

Chassis: tank drive; four wheel drive with four motors; 40 pounds for traction; omni wheels on front for maneuverability.

Ball Storage: rotating helix, storing 40+ balls for bonus off-field goal.

Shooter: delivers 3-4 balls a second with a range of 9 feet; can hit high goal and bonus off-field goal quickly and accurately.





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